Monday, June 09, 2008

Jaco and Toots: Three Views Of A Secret

This video was posted on YouTube by francky85, and sent to me by sometimes co-conspiritor and bassist Tony Conroy (thanks, man...)
and it is a lovely rendition of one of my all-time favorite tunes...
Jaco Pastorius' "Three Views Of A Secret".

Jaco plays piano, does wonderfully...
My point being that you don't see this often, because usually Joe Zawinul (R.I.P.) was on-stage with him in Weather Report, taking care of that role.

Yes, as multi-talented as Jaco was, he could also hold his own on the piano. The comments on YouTube concerning the video echo the sentiments that to this day, Jaco's passing was still untimely, and not fair to him and his many, many fans and followers.

A sad thing to behold, present-day.

The added treat of being joined on-stage by his friend, mentor, father figure Jean "Toots" Thielemans is a sight to behold.
Toots (on chromatic harmonica, of course) played on the original version of this song on "Word Of Mouth", one of Jaco's great solo albums.

This video is a wonderful portrayal of the vibe and love that this great bassist/musician put into his playing.
Just the fact that he is playing piano so vibrantly and giving is a further testament to the aura of his being.


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