Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a poem by Arthur Rimbaud for today (or any day)

This poem by Arthur Rimbaud was found in a book of poems and thoughts collected by Fred Nemo called
"Shock and Awe...a Gentle Balm"

Fred was the resident dancer/undeniable force of nature /local stage color for the long defunct band Hazel from Portland, OR. and fortunately for all of us, he's always thinking...He would also show at my gigs in the 90's with LeBon and dance his butt off.

You know the masthead on those big sailing ships with some Nordic figure, standing against the wind with his pitchfork?
that would be Fred Nemo.

thanks for the thoughts....



Our flag goes off to the unclean landscape, and our dialect drowns out the drum.

In the cities we'll feed the most cynical prostitution. We'll massacre the logical revolts.

On to the lands of rain and spices! - in the service of the most hideous exploitation, industrial or military.

Goodbye here, hello anywhere. Draftees of good will, our philosophy will ge ferocious; stupid in science, debauched in comfort; let the world go to hell. The real war. Forward, march!


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