Wednesday, March 05, 2008

God Bless You, Robert Plant !!!!

Hey there friends (and as Redd Foxx once said)...
and you OTHERS!! : )

For me, here was an evening spent toiling in the trenches and doing just what we all would be doing, and it finally wound down with the result being going mindless in front of the late evening news.

Through the majority of the dreck that would ensue with regularity, I heard a story about Robert Plant nixing any hopes of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour, mainly because he just wasn't interested in it, and had other plans to go and tour some dates with his recent liason/super great project with Allison Krause.


Now don't get me wrong....I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but in the real of things, there is a good point to RP just saying that he is not into doing this reunion thing. Here are some points to consider, coming from yours truly and my opinion, which has had many years to gestiate and formulate.

1) There will never again be a REAL, bonified reunion of the Zep....
remember, John Bohnam is DEAD, and even though his kid, Jason has stepped up to the plate honorably during the recent Ahmet Ertegun tribute concert (hey kids, did you get your ticket...was your lottery number called???) and put some real chops down in the best of honour of the dead Dad unit, but ladies and gents, that ship HAS sailed long ago.

In the words of The Beatles....Let it Be

2) Personally, I am pretty satisfied with the output/legend of what Zeppelin was about....I guess I just didn't need the grand reprise of all things Zep that bad...especially after seeing Plant/Page and their set at the 50th Anniversary Atlantic Records Show, which worked for me that night.
(Anybody remember an out of breath Plant at Live Aid, back in the 80's????)

3) Have you even heard Robert Plant and Allison Krauss' not-so-new, but truly a gem of an album that won big at the Grammys this past year???

If you were making an attempt at distancing yourself from a past that really can't be replicated (RP's voice isn't that high, anymore, friends...age does this to you) unloading this album on the public was a gem that didn't need polishing, and was a wonderfully realized pairing of two great voices...
Moreover, RP's voice has not slacked on the other end of things where he wasn't screaming. It is a very mature and expressive statement that deserves to be inhaled in like a fine wine.
Just a wonderful talent getting older gracefully and shouldn't all artists be allowed to grow and change?

4)Maybe you have forgotten.... RP HAS had a steady solo career away from the Zep.

My fave album of his solo output is a toss between "Pictures At Eleven", "Shaken n' Stirred" or "Now And Zen"...(FYI...great drummer performances on each of these albums....Cozy Powell (the late), Phil Collins, and even Richie Haywood (doing some rockin' and slamming of his drums, gleefully away from his usual deep Little Feat fare).

Anybody remember "Little By Little","Big Log" or the stomping Zepp-ified "Burning Down One Side"
I can't forget one of my big faves... "Pink And Black" from the "Shaken" album ??? Just too cool!!!

5) Nostalgia....In my humble opinion, there comes a time when we all need to just........let..... go.
(See exhibit 1 above...)

News flash!!! The Beatles are coming back.........................................NOT!!! : )

Now the kids that are rediscovering music, and not being totally tied to the iPod teat, I would not dissuade them from seeing all the live that they can get, but there are many things to see on video and get the point...
Zep being one of them...
and Hendrix being a bigger One of them.

Spend some of that non-existent, deposible income on the DVD of your choice and then you own it...or better yet...
go out and support some live music, wherever and whenever you can. Lots of worthy artists that play night after night in your backyard. Work on that live music viewing acumen that is sorely missed these days

With all of the digital distractions out there, the iPod generation has some work to do.

thanks for listening,

here is "Burning Down One Side" from the album Pictures At Eleven

here is "Kashmir" from the Atlantic Records' 50th Anniversary Concert


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