Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You can't keep a good program down... Beats And Pieces Returns to the airwaves !!!!

I have stolen this from Rob V's blog, "The Sound O Mat", but it perfectly sums up the good feeling of what needs to be, with regards to radio in PDX.
Enjoy the news, and please support SC and his efforts at KMHD with a show of funds to the annual Pledge drive.

Go to KMHD.fm for more details.

October 10, 2007

Great News!
Steven Cantor's "Beats & Pieces" Returns

For almost 13 years, in sometimes changing time periods and some times two days, most times three, the world's best free-form DJ, Portland's own Mr. Steven Cantor, is returning to the airwaves! His new version of "Beats & Pieces" is only one night a week, Sunday nights 9PM to midnight on community college radio station KMHD (89.1 FM). This is a bit of an odd fit, and Mr. Cantor will undoubtedly be trying to focus his show on the station's normal format, which is jazz, with blues show on Friday afternoons and evenings.

Still, this is fantastic news, and KMHD is extremely well-respected as one of the few radio stations still dedicated solely to jazz & blues (the most famous jazz record label is called "Blue Note", after all) and with its growing listenership and contributions, they have expanded their transmission power over the years to its current... well, the history section on their Web site is somewhat lacking, and doesn't have a short writeup on how they've grown over the last 23 years.

You can also listen to them on the Internet although I still have problems, after several years, with their use of Abacast, but they offer the following channels:

48K MP3 Stream from Abacast and 20K Stream from Abacast (will launch a new window). The 48K stream is stereo and you can copy the link and use Winamp to play it, which I highly recommend over the 20K stream in a new window (unless you have Firefox, where you can force new windows to open in the existing one, like I do.)

(ed. note: the post did not mention that the higher speed stream is also on iTunes and doesn't require Abacast.)

Their history reads:

"Playing jazz for more than 22 years as a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to providing quality jazz, blues, and traditional American music 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since 1984, we have been playing the music and promoting the great sounds of jazz. Recently we added national radio programs from NPR and independent producers. We have locally produced specialty shows such as Trad Jazz, Juke Box Saturday Night, and Latin Jazz on Monday nights. Stay tuned for the fun!"
So for those who've had to sit and listen to me rant on about how amazing Mr. Cantor is as a free-form DJ, and how he makes it the art-form it is, and takes it to levels I've never heard before, not even on the famous WFMU in NJ. So start listening in Sunday nights at 9PM on KMHD 89.1 FM or one of the Web streams above - it's a great way to end your week and start the new one on a good note (pun intended.)

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