Tuesday, June 05, 2007

some beautiful shots from around the horn.....

(photo by Rodrigo Gomez)

I frequently come across images on the Net just like the next person, and sometimes would like to share them with no interruptions for all, so without further ado..
(by the way....if there are any images that are contained here that someone wants removed, with respect to copyright, just let me know and I will make you happy)

This colorful concert scene looks like the lighting director is pulling out all the stops, or perhaps this is the end of the show, and the band is getting their money's worth out of the involved lighting array above them.
It would be just a beautiful sight to behold from the audience, and if I were in the middle of all that light.....

.......I would feel warm, for sure!!

From the sublime, to the dangerously ridiculous....

This particular picture came from another touring musician I know , and the photo shows the remains of a lighting rig above a stage that collapsed (thankfully no one was hurt!!) onto itself. Obviously the beautiful, really expensive DW drumset belonging to the Average White Band (remember them??? I do, fondly...) gets whacked from above (like most of the Soprano's enemies....) in the ensuing melee.

(dig that cute custom AWB logo head on the bass drum)


A calmer and more gentle atmosphere in this next one....

Evening shadows fall over the crowd in this beautiful onset of night shot from the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival / Portland, Oregon.
In addition to all of the great music that ensues during the multi-day festival, let us remember that your participation benefits many people, including the continuing function of the Oregon Food Bank...so get down there with your cans of food and your money donation.
It really helps out, let me assure you.

Below is is a shot of the mighty duo of (recent Grammy nominee / birthday girl June, 07) Nancy King and long-time right hand man on piano and melodica, Steve Christofferson, doing their beautful thing during a recent Abou Karim gig in downtown PDX.
I get to play with them every so often, and when that happens, I smile big time.

These two are the so much the wellspring/real deal of what is good and true about Jazz / Improvisation of such affairs...

These two masters should be part of your listening diet sometime.

That thought not withstanding, go out and support LIVE MUSIC,
anywhere and anyway you can......

here is a photo of some of Portland's best Blues music artists (with a couple of interlopers thrown in there....)
all in one picture frame...see how many you can name off the top of your head!!
this was taken at the Bill Rhoades Benefit Show at the Cascade Tavern in Vancouver, WA.

(courtesy of Ross William Hamilton of the Portland Oregonian staff. Good job as always, Ross !!)

This is a shot of me along with good friend and fellow broadcaster Homer Clark (who supplied this picture) and great tenor saxophonist Houston Person, who I had just played a set with. We are backstage at the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, a few years ago.

Heyyyyyy Bo Diddley !!!
Heard you weren't feeling so good....
Here's hoping you are getting better and ready to rock and roll again!!
Shake those Maracas!!!!

I got to play with this legend three times in my life (so far), and just to hear that sound
(and dig that box of a guitar....very singular man, if you know what I mean....),
and also to sit and listen to him tell jokes until my sides ached!!
That is the top shelf of things, let me tell you.
One of my favorite visages of Bo was in that horrible movie "Blues Brothers II" where he peers over the rims of his glasses with one of those "Oh no you didn't ..." sort of looks, while standing next to the great Junior Wells in the same scene!!!

Long live Ellis McDaniel!!!!

A shot of a force of nature behind the drums....Mr. Eric Gravatt (Weather Report, McCoy Tyner and others...)

the mighty 18 of the Carlton Jackson/Dave Mills Big Band on a gig at LaRumba in NE Portland putting it out there for the big band music loving audience

(photo by auntie p.)
This is a photo of myself, great PDX bass player Randy Monroe, and the equally wonderful Brian Stoltz from the Neville Brothers Band and other New Orleans concerns.
We are playing at the Educational Stage at the Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in 2005.
Brian was a joy to work with, and really tore it up with his own band (with George Porter, Jr. and Russell Batiste) at the festival.

(photo courtesy of Margy Alexander)
this shot is from the musical series "Museum After Hours" at the Portland Art Museum ballroom.
Alfredo Muro, Brian Healey and myself are toiling away while the big 1984, sinister-looking video screen emits rays from behind. A great trio to listen to, and some great music from Alfredo that day.
Check out Alfredo's recordings please, and once again.....
Support LIVE music....always!!!

The late,great director/photojournalist Gordon Parks, Jr.

and the equally great actor Richard Roundtree...

These two men teamed up to make one of the best Blacksplotation movies of all time... "SHAFT"
(let's not forget the wonderful original story and subsequent great screenplay of Ernest Tidyman)

There are a few sites on the web devoted to the history of this movie and some great candid shots of the principals and support actors in the movie.
It's still one of my favorites of all time!!!


Here is a little shameless promotion of an album I am on....get it through CD Baby or dkstewart.net


now for something completely different....

if this is what LSD looks like when you take it...
then feel free to give my dose to someone else, OKAY????

Okay, Okay...

Just when you thought that they had invented all that could be invented...
For those of us who are not yet "off the pig", as it were....
Something for the bacon lovers in the audience...

The proverbial "mother of invention" must be turning over in her grave by now :)

(mouth starts to water, like Homer Simpson at this point)

What's next... PORK SODA ???? :)

There is a great Jump Blues Era song called "House Of Blue Lights" that my friend Robert Hicks sings the mess out of....
I saw this picture, and it really conjures up a vision in my mind of how those lights would look....

Take a peep at these...

I came across this one in a newspaper, and it comes from the Jay Leno world of headlines and funny ads... check this out.

and one more funny one....

thanks for visiting this section of the blog and have a good day...

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Anonymous Bobby Madness said...

Although i haven't read many blogs, cept for Jesus' blog in the mercury, i would have to say this is one of the best blogs I've read so far. It is well written and awesome to read, smashing a popular stereotype about drummers like could you imagine Keith Moon or John Bonnham had a blog, it would read like "Woke up, I think, played drum.. urg" or something like that. So this was definately an entertaining and exciting change. I also dug the music coverage. Plus extra props for writing about Kurt Vonnegut, or as I call him, the first zine writer.
-Bobby Maddness

11:08 AM  

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