Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two Views Of A President

This being the day after President John F.Kennedy's birthday, I decided to write about an afternoon I had recently watching a program on TV that spurred me to thinking that day.

The special was on the history of our nation's Arlington National Cemetery, and a section of the program was devoted to JFK and his personal experiences at Arlington, while he was President of these United States.

A little backstory on Arlington....It is America's hallowed ground. Arlington National Cemetery, resting place for more than 240,000 American military men and women and their dependents, is the most honored burial ground, consecrated by the famous and the everyman, with a history that links George Washington to Robert E. Lee to John F. Kennedy.

George Washington's family once owned the land now occupied by the cemetery, and legend has it that the first president himself stood on the bluff now occupied by Arlington House to survey the future site of the federal city. Robert E. Lee called Arlington House home for some 30 years. Yet it was the tragedy of the Civil War, and the sheer vindictiveness of one Union officer, that led to the creation of Arlington Cemetery.

JFK visited these hallowed grounds many times during his tenure, walking acres of the site, usually in a deep, reflective level of thought. Surrounded by the meaning of all the headstones around him, JFK would ponder important decisions, both personal and Presidential in nature.

A story about one of those visits has JFK receiving a letter that day of thanks from one of the soldiers whom life he saved while serving duty on PT 109, in the Solomon Islands during WWII.

This letter served to give more gravity to the day, during JFK's visit to the sacred grounds of Arlington.

The President was heard to say that afternoon, " It's so beautiful here....I could live here forever" Fourteen days later, victim of an assassination, the President was laid to rest in the very acreage he spoke of so respectfully and lovingly.

In the previous part of this story, we have a President who saved lives in war, and also in peace time...

Cut now to our current President (who probably doesn't visit Arlington on a regular basis, or with any frequency for that matter...) who lives to be a war monger and profiteer, while our economy is sucked dry, and our sons and daughters are offered up for slaughter in a war that is for naught. A war that wasn't needed or legally sanctioned with the blessing of the world at large.

You can tell the way that President Bush treats the respect of war death by the way he clamps down on the media at large and prevents the documentation (pictures) of the arrival of coffins containing the bodies of our soldiers, all who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for a stupid, sham of a war.

This current President also didn't serve in the Military...He even ducked his obligation when confronted with the possibility of Military Service. Yet, he orders more bodies to the slaughter, even in the face of his own people's disenchantment with our involvement in Iraq, The general populace wants out, but Bush ignores the people's will, and continues make war and to chase the oil profits that he will ultimately reap through his backroom buddy-buddy sweet deals.

Very ironic, these two views of a President...

Many scholars, various experts, pundits on both sides of the coin have reconstructed the events leading up to the Iraq scam war, and most are in agreement that the facts point to NO reason to have legally waged this war...
All of the cooked intelligence has come to recent light, and even more ironic is the fact that these are crimes that this President (and others in his administration) should serve for, but will probably give himself a medal
while smirking at us all the while worrying about his legacy and where it will be placed.

I personally would worry more about what is IN the museum, and not where / how big it should be.

Saddaam Hussein was in check with the United Nations weapons people on his ass about things. Nothing was found by the UN inspectors to warrant ramping up action on Iraq. No nuke making components, No YELLOWCAKE, nothing.
Bush also willingly went against the wishes of the United Nations Security Council (and the world at large) by forging ahead with his attacks on Baghdad, without the famous "second vote" of allowing the SC to weigh in with opinion, along once again, with the world opinion staring him in the face

For all of Bush's avarice and malice toward his country he continues to block and trick, a not so mild irritant, even in his impending lame duck status. As Rosie O' Donnell (herself a victim of much derision and misguided vitriol from the Conservatives recently) said to airhead conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC's "The View", in regards to supporting a president that has done what this one had.

Ms O'Donnell asked Hasselbeck this question...

"650.000 Dead Iraqis....Who are the Terrorists?

P.S. Look out for the story that won't go away....

This episode of President Bush's bedside compelling of Fmr. Attorney General John Ashcroft to sign legislation to legalize wide swaths of illegal wiretapping on his own people Ashcroft had been stricken with a severe case of pancreatitis and rushed to George Washington University Hospital, where his gallbladder was removed and he was placed in intensive care. Ashcroft's wife had banned all visitors and phone calls. Ashcroft was six days into his intensive care convalesence, bombed out of his mind on morphine drip while the President gathered a gang of goons (led by Alberto Gonzales and Bush Chief of Staff Andrew Card) to meet in a hospital room standoff, getting Ashcroft to sign off on illegal wiretapping legislation.

Ashcroft was against this wiretapping and had said so before the hospital room showdown. He continued to say so that evening, and pointed to his second in command, former deputy, James Corney , as to having the power to entertain this stunning request, not him as he was really not in power and.... INCAPACITATED, IN A HOSPITAL BED ON MORPHINE and really out of his mind in PAINNNNNNNNNN....

—this story, recounted a few weeks ago in congressional testimony by Mr.Corney sounds like something out of Hollywood, not Washington.

Many outlets on the web are fired up with this your searches and you won't believe your eyes!!!


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