Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Call to Arms / VOTE if you haven't yet!!!

This IS the day to attempt to go another direction with our government

Hello out there on this mid-term primary day around the country, and here's hoping that you all used the power and voted with the best speed and assured delivery under your feet.

I have some mixed feelings about the end result of our voting that is being tallied around the country, and already again there is some skullduggery going on with the accuracy our precious vote (i.e. voting machines and low blow polling scare-tactics, disenfranchising of voters once again in certain states, etc...)

There are lawyers for the ACLU and other oversight concerns (like MOVE ON.org and others), installing their multitudes at various polling places around the country, and just the need for this preventitive action by the Democrats paints up vividly the heinous air that our voting process has taken in the last 10 years.

The recent tactic of "Robo-calling" by Republican concerns ( the process of overloading people's phone lines with repeated calls from companies who are paid to do this on behalf of a candidate) runs afoul of the various No-Call Lists and other state-by state regulations, and just when you think that it can't get any more foul smelling, another diversive tactic takes it's place.

I feel a certain pause that has an ominous feel to it.

But there is also a part of me that has much hope....

A hope that we as a nation have basically had enough of the lies, deceit, and general bullying of our people, as a nation by a corrupt government that has put our nation in harm's way with it's money-draining tactics, and imperialist leanings.

It is obvious that someone is making money out there, and it most certainly isn't the person who has three jobs, just to make the ends meet, and still not enough money to have health/home insurance for themselves, or their family.

All the while, the oil company concerns report obscene, bulbous, RECORD profits.

It just doesn't add up to me, as to national health continuing while these people bleed us over the summer with those falsely-induced jumps in gas prices.
This just in....KBR (a subsidiary of Halliburton) was just named in a report that alleges gas gouging over in Iraq, as to what gas price was being charged to the Government for military vehicles, as delivery concerns mounted, other wrenches in the gears mounted, as KBR profited from all of the end fighting within the bureaucracy.

On the positive tip....
The turnout for voting is much higher in early reports, and that gives me hope that more people out there want their voice heard this time...
and this particular time, that process is really an important event.

We will all see what happens when the polls close....



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