Monday, March 26, 2007

The Big LIE....a constant entity in our face these days

Another day, another lie!!! - Can you believe what you're hearing these days...what you are expected to stomach???

I don't know about you and what you're hearing these days with the manuevering in our current Government, but with all of the dodging and lying by the Bush Administration, a bout of serious house cleaning needs to be taken up and DONE TO DEATH, as James Brown used to say.

The goings on with our Attorney General Gonzales lying about his statements in regards to the fired U.S. prosecuting attorneys (Ann Richards must be spinning in her grave with this guy and his actions), seeing that pillar (or PILL) of truth, Tom DeLay give his shill opinion on national TV (a few times)about the previous subject (didn't the powers to be put him UNDER the jail yet??? Isn't this guy supposed to be GONE from our view because of what he did, along with other Republican members of the House, as to mis-appropriating government funds/gerrymandering of voting districts and such...)
The recent revelations of no wrong-doing and many unanswered questions, concerning the friendly fire death of Corporal Pat Tillman during field fighting in Afghanistan, the blatant moving of Halliburton corporate offices and it's general business concerns, overseas to Dubai and out of the reach of the law of these shores, to continually and effectively shield their continued fleecing of the American people and their tax dollars, and all the other discoveries that are reported daily concerning our elected officials.

Their constant, intrensic, systematic fallacies are moreover becoming weary, and serve to only erode any remaining confidence in what the current elected Government should represent.

It is also no secret that the Democrats hands are tied with not having an effective majority in the Senate (hopefully another round of elections will clean out the bad stuff again)...oversight hearings are just being put back into effect on the Hill and this is good to see, but this constant circumventing and hiding behind misleading statements continues to be insulting to the intelligence of the American people (those who care, at least).

I know that 2 more years of these 'less than worthy' people is more than we deserve, but they are clever buggers, and the business of diversion, dishonesty, and general greed love comes with much experience, over many years of development in other dishonest administrations.
It's like a tick buried under the skin....if you only get the head of the offender, the poison is allowed to spread, unless you clean out the remainder of the tick.

Where are the balls and responsibility in news reporting these days???

Some outlets are still fighting to keep their integrity (just don't be afraid to go outside the country for your truths), and others are just now getting their verve back, this after figuring out that the Bush people can't just make everyone disappear at the same time.

I am referring to the main centers of TV media in America, who are owned by the same conservative money changers, and their protective output (or lack thereof) which never makes the multitudes of the heinous own up to their wrongdoings.
Conversely so, how about a shout-out to the paragons of truth, in the middle of this confederency of lies......Gwen Ifill and Washington Week, The McNeil-Lehrer Report, Democracy Now !!!,Frontline, WideFocus, NBC's Meet The Press, and the BBC, Media Matters, and others.

Today, I felt that I needed to say something to reinforce my feelings about what I have seen/saw, and hope that these words will give weight to any of us who need to see and hear others who are of the same hive mind on this.

They can't get all of us to just not be there anymore...Let's count on this fact.


Bring the Government back to the people....