Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's been a while, hasn't it??? I'm Sorry!!!

what happens when blogs go unattended....

I woke up with a start this morning, not becase of drink or other maladies, but because I haven't wrote here in a while to you, my blog of choice.
I do feel a certain air of neglect right now, but I am trying to resolve this by rolling out the update ball and generally "bringing it" with an honest fervor and effort.

It HAS been a busy two weeks since the Jim Pepper tribute at the Blue Monk....

There would have been the usual lessons and steady stuff that I do to keep it going, but for certain my next big thing would have been the wonderful two days that I spent in the Sisters, OR school district and doing a clinic with several of the drummers that are attending school in the district.
It was a microcosm of what I do down at the Mel Brown/WOU Jazz Workshop every year, and was just a blast to get down and dirty with the great effort from the students, which was fun to behold.

We had two days of intensive discussion and performance with the students, and I played a concert on the first evening with some great local jazz musicians from the area and got to tell the audience about what I do and answer some questions from them.
The last day, the students and I did a afternoon recital to show the parents what we have learned, and to bring the two days to a rousing close.

A BIG up to Mr. Jody Henderson, director of bands at Sisters HS and at other district concerns, who was superb in bringing all the elements together for this two days, and he is truly the blood that keeps the kids in the groove and learning about their native art form...JAZZ
Also big, big thanks should go to my looooong tiiiiime friend Carolyn Cobb from over in Bend for keeping me together with a roof over my head and her always kind words and deeds!!

After that episode, I had three days off over the weekend (Yes!!!) and generally got lost to regenerate.
I even forgot what I did, but I am sure it was good....

The next real musical concern would have been the two Dan Balmer gigs at Lewis & Clark for the Alumni Weekend, and the regular Jimmy Mak's Monday gig that he does with different configurations...

DB is starting to once again integrate myself and George Mitchell back into the playing schedule as we all can comfortably do some dateage together. This for sure is a welcome musical change for me, and I do think that everyone should populate Dan's gig there at JM's. anyway and just support live music, in general.

The price is right, for gawd's sake!!! (free w/ a suggested donation).

And who knows...
If you don't, it (the music) might go away, and who would be the sadder for it... well truly all of us, I believe.

Back to the update....

The Piano Throwers (with the talented Scott Law and equally as such Tye North) played at the Laurelthirst Public House on Wednesday evening (usually the 2nd of the month) after my regular private lessons, and that band is always musically growing by leaps and tosses...A little rock, a little country, a little soul, and many other flavors blended in. Inclusive, but not exclusive :)

I have a lot of fun with them, as well as Dover Weinberg and his Quartet (with Dave Kahl and Chris Carlson) at Duff's Garage on Tuesday evenings.
You just have to see that band to believe it, and it's not all about the music (even though that is just fine) but the laughs are to be seen to be believed sometimes with that group.
That is all I will say...get down to Duff's and debunk me if you dare!!! :)

Thursday evenings (except for the 1st Thursday of the month for me) wouldn't be complete without the mighty, mighty DubDeBrie and his Play Or Die Night Jam at the Country Inn in Tualatin....
a very gentiel and relaxed setting musically with Dub and usually Frank Gruner on the bass (except when Dub's regular bass conspirator Tony Conroy takes over for the evening). It is one of the better, less cutthroat jam sessions out there, and you can come play.....OR DIE (well....not really).

This would bring us to the weekend now past, and last night with the DK4 (with DK Stewart, the annually overlooked and underrated Don Campbell, and Peter Dammann) at the Cascade Blues Association 20th Anniversary celebration.

The 4 did a rousing hour set and left it all on the playing floor that evening for the peeps.

I did get a surprise from Terry Odor, one of the 'higher-ups' at the CBA, who brought to me my Muddy Award (for Best Drummer) from almost a year ago (I have served without my crown...) , that had a mis-spell on my name on the plaque.

More weight to carry out than I brought in, I guess :) Thanks Terry O. and the CBA for such a nice recognition of things, and for requesting the DK4 for this special evening, along with the great Norman Sylvester and his band, and The Rose City Kings backing Jody Williams (from Muddy Water's band).

Today is afternoon rehearsal with Sandin Wilson (who I saw early yesterday on the CBS Morning Show with his employer, Gino Vannelli, along with Reinhardt Melz and Barry Aiken, all NW denizens)...gotta go and learn lyrics for a tune, so stay dry today, and try to have a good time...

at sometime today on a drizzly Sunday!!