Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Competition in Drumming

I had a conversation with a parent who has had their young musician taking lessons from me for a while now, and they asked me about competition amongst young drummers.

Of course, I try to not encourage the competitiveness of things musical because it always pulls the honest flavor of things out of balance, and it just doesn't serve anyone....listener or performer.

Conversely so, if you are self-competitive...that is to say motivated within your walls to do the right thing to serve the music-at-large and it's requirements, then this is, in my opinion, the right perspective to have.

The great tenor saxophone player Branford Marsalis once said that "the music tells you what to play and what is required of you to portray the essence of what it is", and usually if my students just give a honest reading of what is in front of them, then I am happy for them.

Save the drama for your mama, aspire to play with an honest verve and of course...
come prepared.
This will serve you in the trenches when you are boxing with a worthy mistress...

the MUSIC!!!!

as always,


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